Business Vital Signs

Business Vital Signstm (BVS) is a powerful, customized offering to manage and improve operational performance. This product/practice package analyzes business processes and places, within that business system, operational performance measurements. BPM injects software measurement agents into key parts of the system flow to trap, track and externalize key performance measures. The benefit is the business is presented with the key performance indicators required  manage its business systems. These isolate failure points and vulnerabilities in the system. They also server to pinpoint where, when and why the system is/ is not meeting performance goals.

A distinguishing feature of BVS is that it is based upon a customized, business oriented,  performance model. Each implementation analyzes our client's unique business processes and embeds a  measurement system precisely tailored to the client's need. In doing this, BPM provides focused performance modeling expertise and leverages the best industry tools available to implement system. Additionally, BPM integrates the measurement system with the client's internal command center to provide proactive monitoring and operational alerts. 

As a key differentiator, our approach is business oriented and pro-actively directed. BVS provides a pragmatic business tool to manage and improve operational performance. Every major new application requires such a system to be embedded within it, if the business ever hopes to fully manage the performance of that application. The absence of such a process is akin to driving a brand new Jaguar without an instrument panel and with the windshield painted black.

An actual case study example of the BVS system, employed at one of the largest financial institutions in the world, is presented above. Although the numbers have been altered to protect proprietary information, the case study shows an example BVS instrumentation dashboard. This particular instantiation of BVS led the client to a savings in excess of $20 Million, by identifying (and turning around) information system bottlenecks, impeding client revenue flow.