IT Security Practice                                                                  

BPM  provides end-end security consulting services, supported by several of the worlds leading computer security consulting experts.  


Scope of Offering:

          Vulnerability measurement:  risk measurement, vulnerability testing, and security certification.

          Network security: VPN & firewall, anonymity, privacy, multi-level security, and encryption design/implementation.   

    Access security: Authentication, authorization, single sign-on, LDAP, PKI and digital certificate design/implementation.

    Physical security: facilities access, business continuity planning, and disaster recovery testing design/implementation. 

    Malicious software:  protection: from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, logic bombs, trap doors design/implementation.

    Protection from external threats: denial of service attacks, spamming,  digital snooping, methods design/implementation



Unique Value Proposition:

BPM employs industry experts to conduct its system security projects. All security reviews are conducted under the direction of our consulting security experts, whos past accomplishments include being responsible for all security policy and implementation at the Central Intelligence Agency and managing the security vulnerability assessment practice for one of the Big 5 consulting firms. As a consequence, we are uniquely positioned with access to the true industry experts in this field. We also, as a practice, employ state of the art vulnerability detection and security certification software. For example, we typically leverage the Tru-Secure product, which assesses systems methodically for thousands of known security exposures, reporting on vulnerabilities detected. The result is managed risk, based upon measurement, up to and including complete security certification and branded security standards compliance.

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