Performance Management Practice 

BPM is nationally recognized in the area of business performance re-engineering. This encompasses process improvement, performance modeling, benchmarking,  stress testing, reliability assurance and six sigma quality management. We have conducted literally hundreds of performance projects. For example our staff experiences include:

Business performance re-engineering

Performance assurance

Capacity modeling

Reliability assurance and improvement 


BPM has developed a comprehensive repository for benchmarking IT economics. best practices, operational streamlining and strategic IT alignment. These benchmarks and related metrics have been used by such firms as Fannie Mae, JP Morgan, the NASD, Verizon, the National Security Clearing Corporation, Capital One, McKesson and other Fortune 500 companies.  Developed in conjunction with a working council of Fortune 500 level CIOs, this benchmark provides an industry leading comparative performance assessment tool to quantify IT operating practice and process.