Systems Integration Practice

BPM  has the expertise to develop and deliver customized IT systems. BPM is extensively experiences in all aspects of software engineering and life cycle systems design. Its principals have developed several commercial products marketed by such organizations as Computer Associates, Lucent and BMC Software. Among the software solutions BPM staff have brought to market are:

In addition to the above the staff at BPM have been involved in other major systems integration efforts for its clients. Our staff experience includes a) serving as the chief architect of a $600 Million Telecommunications strategic billing and customer care system, b) managing development of an e-collaboration system for a venture capital firm, c) construction of a  portfolio management system for JP Morgan, d) development of a trade accounting system for Fannie Mae, and e) development of  performance management software products for Boole & Babbage, and f) development of a network control system for IBM and SofTech, and others.